Oh the joys of removing makeup after a long day and oh how I dread pulling out my wipes just hope they haven’t dried out and are moist enough to remove my makeup!

The last few months I had enough and thought I’d venture out and try and find the best makeup remover and oh how I think I’ve my found my saviour!
Bioderma – Crealine H20
This is absolutely amazing and I don’t think I’ll go back to using my regular cheap makeup removing wipes. With Bioderma; its gentle, its fragrance free, has water like texture and removes all your makeup without effort. I found that with my previous makeup removers no matter how much I used and scrubbed to take off my eye makeup I would still be left with panda eyes however with Bioderma, not a trace of makeup is left on my face! You don’t need to use a huge amount of this stuff as a little goes a long way so a bottle should really last a long time. I don’t have very sensitive skin but from other reviews I have come across this product is supposed to be very good for those with extra sensitive skin so I would definitely recommend!
The only problem I’ve across with Bioderma is that it’s not easily available here in the UK and quite pricey online such as Amazon.I actually asked a family friend to pick me up a few bottles when he visited France a few months back.
Bottom Line: I absolutely love this product and will urge all you beautiful ladies out there and to give it and go and let me know how your experience was!