Dermalogica – Gentle Cream Exfoliant

So ladies, I want to share with one of my favourite products that I simply don’t think I could ever live without!

It is called Gentle cream exfoliant by Dermalogica. I first heard of this product from Lisa Eldridge who recommended it on one of her posts ‘Favourite skincare products – part 1‘. When Lisa said that it changed her life I was skeptical… after all how often do you come across products like that! Anyway I just had to give it a go.

I bought my gentle cream exfoliant from Beauty Flash for £31.99. It is pricey however a little goes a long way and well its just worth all the money.

My Review

The idea of this product is to apply as you would a face-mask. Its’ key ingredients are Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid which remove the dead skin cells and clears follicles. When this product says that it’s gentle, believe me it’s gentle! My skin doesn’t feel aggravated, isn’t red or blotchy like it would after using other exfoliants. My skin is flawlessly smooth and brighter! LOVE IT!!

I use this exfoliant once a week without fail! I strongly urge you to buy a sample or splurge and buy this product and let me know your experiences!!