The Body Shop – Body Butters

Ok yes another Body Shop rave but seriously I honestly can’t fault their products!

 I love walking into Body shop and be hit in the face with all the fruity fresh scented products. Some may find it overpowering but me…I’m drawn into the shop simply by walking past and getting a good waft!


The Body Shop Body Butter

So I first started using The Body Shop Body Butters when I was 13 or 14 years old. I remember walking into the shop and seeing rows and rows of different fruit body butters and I tried and sniffed each one and these are my all-time favourite and the ones I continuously go back for.

1. Coconut. – I’m a sucker for any kind of coconut scented product and I love the smell of this body butter. Not only does it smell awesome it’s a great moisturiser! This is my fourth tub! I absolutely love it!  I tend to reach for this in the summer when my skin is less dry as I usually require heavy moisturising creams in the winter.

2. Coconut Shimmer Body Butter – There’s also a coconut shimmer body butter version which is nice to use if you going out in the evening and bearing a lot of skin – gives a beautiful shimmer as well as the moisturising benefits. I haven’t really used this one a great deal to be honest.

3.  Passion Fruit – This was the first one that I used,I love Passion fruit so when caught a whiff of this my purse was out of by bag and ready. It’s so fruity! I can’t seem to get this in store anymore and when I went in and asked them if they’ve stopped it they said it’s a seasonal special and I could probably get it online. So I went home and ordered a tub online!

4. Vitamin E – Everyone knows Vitamin E is incredibly amazing for your skin and at the time when I bought this I was suffering from excessively dry skin and I found that after slapping this beautiful stuff on my skin twice a day my skin felt amazing and all the dry skin cleared up. This is a miracle worker for the winter months.

 I think the cost of these body butters at £13.00 is reasonable and given that it’s a Body Shop product which tends to be generally expensive. I tend to get them when they’re on offer and Body Shop always have offers on their body butters so I just stock up then!

Overall, great products, smells amazing, they moisturise really well and you really need a lot, a tub will last a good few months.

Have you tried these body butters? Which one is your favourite?