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Bourjois Cream Blushes

Recently I’ve been quite obsessed with Cream blushes and have been wanting to buy and try pretty much all the cream blushes out there so when I was browsing Boots I just couldn’t resist trying the new cream blushes from Bourjois.

Left 04 - Sweet Cherry and Right 03 - Rose Tender

Left 04 – Sweet Cherry and Right 03 – Rose Tender

Firstly there are four shades in this collection but I only bought the two above. The other two shades are  Nude Velvet and Healthy Glow.

Rose Tender

Rose Tender

Sweet Cherry

Sweet Cherry

I love the small compact casing, it’s teeny tiny and it fits right into my make up bag. It’s slimmer then the other Bourjois blushes as it doesn’t need to accommodate a brush which is great!Left Swatch - Sweet Cherry and Right Swatch - Rose Tender

Left Swatch – Sweet Cherry and Right Swatch – Rose Tender

The blush claims to be ‘Incredibly blendable texture. Second skin feel’ and is ‘Cream to powder Technology’

The texture is creamy yet feels powdery, definitely ‘Cream to Powder feel’ and light and it just glides onto the skin so smoothly without displacing any makeup underneath and blends beautifully. It’s very much like primer consistency, so smooth and is just effortless to apply. It feels incredibly light on the skin and it is buildable for a heavier colour if needed.

I use my fingers when applying this blush but I’m sure a brush would work just fine, I also found that it lasted all day without any needs for touchups.

Overall I really love this blush, it does what it claims to do, the price is £7.99 – Give the quality of the formula and longevity I think it’s well worth the price. A great product and affordable and one that I will be reaching for over and over again.

Have you tried this blush? What are your thoughts?



Clear Skin

Due to the Weather being extremely bitter this winter it has affected our skins more than we know… as Spring approaches is time to pull out all the tips and tricks you can find in order to create that beautiful glowing skin we all long for.

My personal favourite  remedy is simple yet unbelievably effective.

Rose water – You can buy rose-water from any salon shop, online and most retail stores. Apply twice a day before you apply your makeup and let is dry and before you go to sleep.

Rose Water

Drink Water – If you can drink the recommended amount of water a day; which for women it’s 2.2 Litres a day it will do wonders for the skin. It will hydrate it, flush out toxins from the system (reduces pimples) and lots of other benefits for the body.

I have been using these two combinations for 3 months now and it has made such a difference to my skin. It is so smooth, reduced pimples and glowing skin. Plus you skin will smell nice once you have applied rose-water. 🙂 which is always nice!

Of course Rose water can be used in other things as well, you can add some in your moisturizer and in your face mask. Works a treat. It is an inexpensive remedy and believe me when I say this it works!! I just wanted to share this remedy with other women out there who are always looking for new ways to treat their skin.

How do you get clear skin? Any simple remedies?


Real Technique – Stippling Brush Review

Hello everyone!

This is a just a quick review of a new makeup brush that I have started using lately. It’s the Real Techniques Stippling Brush by Samantha Chapman.

I came across this brush quite randomly when I was in Boots a few weeks ago and thought I’d give it a try. On the day I purchased the brush I quickly jumped online and did some research for some reviews. After reading some of the reviews I was very pleased that I bought it.


This is what the brush is advertised to do:
1. Creating an airbrushed foundation appearance.
2. Create and even and flawless look
3. ‘Look pixel-perfect even in harsh light’

Naturally after reading these points I was immediately intrigued.

The first thing that I noticed about the brush is how soft it is and also the shape of the bristles. Unlike other foundation brushes this brush is flat-topped. I’ve been using the brush for about a month now and I have washed it many times since and I’ve had no bristle breakages which is great! Also the bristles are very sturdy so its easy to apply foundation without pushing the bristles into your skin! The overall design of the brush is simple, flat based at the bottom and light weight.

The first time I used the brush it was easy to use and effortless and was incredibly flawless. I don’t the need to use as much foundation as I used to which is another plus.

Overall, I think the brush is very easy to use, does what is says leaving a flawless appearance and relatively cheap, I got it from Boots for around £10! I would definitely recommend this brush to all ladies!

Have you tried any brushes from the Real Technique Collection? What are your thoughts?