Sugaring Vs Waxing

Hello Ladies,

Recently I have been looking into different types of hair removal and I came across a method called sugaring which I never really thought of trying. When I did some further research and I was lured into the technique and thought I’d share my thoughts on it.
First all of all Sugaring is a technique very similar to waxing. It is made up of all natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen and can be made by yourself. Whereas wax is made up of chemicals, preservatives and other unnatural ingredients which can irritate your skin.
From my experience this is what I found;
1. Sugaring sticks to the hair but not you skin. Whereas waxing sticks to your skin and hair so when you’re ripping of the wax strip you are ripping of your live skin cells.
2. Sugaring is water-soluble so if you make a mess then it can be easily cleaned up by just water 🙂 Whereas waxing can cause and mess and be difficult to remove.
3. There are two methods you can use with sugaring. First you can use it in a similar fashion as you would when waxing whereby using a spatula to spread a layer on your skin and using a strip of cloth to rip it off or (my preferred method) The sugar balling method which is the traditional method of sugaring when using your hand you apply a thick mixture in the opposite direction of the hair grow and still using your hands it is then flicked up in a quick motion in the direction of the hair growth.
4. Sugaring can be used anywhere and minimizes the irritation whereas some people especially myself are reluctant to use wax in sensitive areas in case of irritation but as sugaring contains all natural ingredients irritation is significantly reduced.
5. It is said that over time sugaring can reduced the thickness of hair growth and can cause the hair follicle to be damaged and stop growing hair. (However I have only tried this method once so I cannot say)
6. As sugaring is gentle it can be used over missed hairs to ensure that the areas that are being waxed are hair-free and smooth whereas waxing can cause of pain and irritation if you go back to try to re-wax missed hairs.
7. When I looking up this idea on the Internet I wanted to try it almost immediately and the great thing is that I could without having to go out and buy the ingredients as they was all just sitting in my kitchen ready to go.
1. Making the sugar wax can be a little tricky and can take some practice so be successful.
That’s the only con I have found so far!
How to make Sugar Wax
What you will need –
2 Cups of Sugar – You can use granulated sugar or brown sugar
1/4 Cup of Lemon Juice – Fresh or bottled
1/4 Water
Candy Thermometer (if you have one)
What to do?
1. Measure out your ingredients separately as accurately as possible.
2. Mix ingredients together in a pot.
3. Put it on the stove on the highest heat possible.
4. As the mixture comes to boil you MUST keep an eye on it. As soon as the white bubbles are near the top of your pot turn the hit down to low-medium heat. You don’t want to overcook the sugar mix.
5. To ensure that you don’t overcook it take it off the heat and look at the colour of the mixture underneath the bubbles. When the colour starts to change to a golden colour your mixture is almost ready.
6. Let it cook until the colour darkens to an amber colour and take off the heat immediately. At this point your mixture should be done.
Note: If you have a candy thermometer then you can use this. As soon as it hit 280 degrees your mixture will be ready.
If the mixture has cooled down too much then you can reheat in the microwave. It will only need to be in there for no more than 10 seconds otherwise I will get too hot!
Things to look out for:
  • When I first made my batch I undercooked it so the mix was really sticky and I couldn’t use the ‘balling’ method. The reason why it was sticky was because it was undercooked. In order to fix this I just threw it back on the stove and let it cook a bit more and it was ready to go after.
  • If the mixture it really hard then you have overcooked the mixture in which case it is irrecoverable. You can eat it (yes it is edible) or just throw it out. One of the great things about sugaring is that it is cheap and ingredients are easily obtainable.
I urge all women out there to at least try this method and just see how great it is. I personally don’t think I will go back to regular waxing.