How to find the perfect foundation

I’m sure many of you would agree that we’ve all had issues on trying to find the right foundation. No woman wants to walk around wearing a foundation that’s completely mismatched for their skin but it’s such an easy mistake to make and I’m sure many of us in our own naivety have fallen victim to this mistake.



Most shops if not all have artificial lighting in store and this can be misleading when trying to find the right foundation colour. If you can, try to get near as much natural light as possible when testing colours as the appearance in artificial light and natural light will look remarkably different.

Where to test

I’ve noticed that many women use the back of their hand to find the right match. This is completely wrong as the skin on your hand and face are slightly different due to more sun exposure on the face. The area where you should be testing foundation is on your jaw line or to side of the face next to your ear.

Foundation on Jaw

Warm or Cool?

Identify whether you have Warm or  Cool undertones, this is key to finding the right match. The Beauty Department had a great post explaining ways to find out your undertones and selecting the right foundation accordingly.


It’s great to choose the perfect colour foundation but another equally important factor is choosing the right formula for your skin type. Even though you can get the colour matched perfectly to your skin, if you get the formula wrong it can look just as dreadful as getting the colour wrong. I guess having so many different types of foundations in so many different formulas on the market doesn’t really help the process of choosing the right one for your skin type. So I have a list of the main types of foundations out there and who they are better suited for.

Oil-Free Foundation

The aim of oil-free foundations are to keep the face matte and reduce oily appearance of the skin.

For? People who have oily skin and want a matte appearance.

Not for? People with dry skin and those who want a more dewy appearance.

Moisturizing Foundation

This sort of foundation will give a really healthy natural look and a little on the dewy side due to the moisturizing ingredients in the foundation.

For? People with Dry or Combination skin.

Not for? I wouldn’t recommend this to ladies with oily skin or acne prone skin.

Cream to Powder

This typically tends to be build-able and very easy to apply due to the creamy texture, will leave a subtle dewy appearance depending on the amount you use.

For? Those with Combination and Dry skin (but not too dry) as the cream can sometimes exaggerate the appearance of dry patches.

Not for? Ladies that have extremely oily skin as this will just contribute to overall oiliness and it will look shiny.

Tinted Moisturizers/Sheer Foundation

These types of foundations are generally light coverage, can be very sheer and will give you a dewy appearance. Most blend in easily just like a normal moisturizer and will suit nearly all skin tones.

For? Women who don’t really require foundation or very little coverage.

Not for? Ladies that need slightly heavier coverage and with quite oily skin as most are extremely moisturizing.

Mineral Powder

Comes in a powder form with light to heavy coverage and is buildable. Most of the time it gives a very natural ‘No Makeup’ appearance.

For? Suitable for most skin types.

Not for? Wouldn’t recommend for people with extremely dry skin as the powder may exaggerate the dry areas and it may not suit all women of colour as the finishing powders may result in an ashy appearance.


I have also found a cool website that helps you find foundation colour matches based on what you use now. It’s called Findation, give it a go girlies, this is how I found my perfect foundation but more on that later! Let me know your thoughts!


Know your skin, ask yourself these questions when buying new foundations.

  • How does your skin react to what you are using now?
  • Are you happy with your current foundation?
  • What would you like to gain out of a new foundation?
  • What type of skin do I have? Dry/Oily/Combo/Mature/Sensitive?

What are you tips and rules when you buy foundation?

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