Clear Skin

Due to the Weather being extremely bitter this winter it has affected our skins more than we know… as Spring approaches is time to pull out all the tips and tricks you can find in order to create that beautiful glowing skin we all long for.

My personal favourite  remedy is simple yet unbelievably effective.

Rose water – You can buy rose-water from any salon shop, online and most retail stores. Apply twice a day before you apply your makeup and let is dry and before you go to sleep.

Rose Water

Drink Water – If you can drink the recommended amount of water a day; which for women it’s 2.2 Litres a day it will do wonders for the skin. It will hydrate it, flush out toxins from the system (reduces pimples) and lots of other benefits for the body.

I have been using these two combinations for 3 months now and it has made such a difference to my skin. It is so smooth, reduced pimples and glowing skin. Plus you skin will smell nice once you have applied rose-water. 🙂 which is always nice!

Of course Rose water can be used in other things as well, you can add some in your moisturizer and in your face mask. Works a treat. It is an inexpensive remedy and believe me when I say this it works!! I just wanted to share this remedy with other women out there who are always looking for new ways to treat their skin.

How do you get clear skin? Any simple remedies?



2 thoughts on “Clear Skin

  1. Hey pretty lady! It's been a while so I hope you're doing well. I've never heard of using Rose water before, only in cooking! So it's def. something I'll consider.I've also found using Argan oil works mixed in with my moisturizer. It keeps my skin looking fresh and supple!

  2. Hey! I'm doing well thank you. Hope you are doing good!Yes I found it a strange concept as well but rose water here is easily available. Trust me its like magic….I've never heard of Argan Oil.. I may have to have a look into it! Thanks!

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